Welcome to the Float Handbook! This guide is part of our onboarding process for new team members, an ongoing resource for our current team and, as we also share publicly, it also lets us share what working at Float is like for potential future hires.

By sharing insight into who we are, how we work (async first!), and what we stand for, we want to be completely open and honest from day one and support our team to live their #bestworklife.

This guide answers many of the frequently asked questions we receive and links to a curated list of Float blog posts that will help provide a clearer picture of what makes us tick.

While we’ve made this handbook public, there are some links that are for Float team members only, these are marked with a 🔒 so are not publicly available.

Working at Float

Our Story

Our Mission & Values

Getting Started

How We Work

Code of Conduct

Pay, Perks, Benefits, and Time Away From Work


Policies and Processes

Best Work Life Manifesto

We’re a B Corporation

Want to join us?

🎯 Open roles at Float

The ‘Hell Yes!’ Metric for Hiring


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