What qualifies as a referral?

A referral is when a candidate is referred to a job opening by an existing team member from their network and submits an application because of the referrer's connection. This differs from the traditional application process in that the candidate submits their resume because of the referrer + the referrer provides an endorsement that they may be a good fit for the role. A #referral tag will be added to the candidate in Workable when they have been referred.

What doesn't qualify:

Who can participate in Float's referral program?

Everyone at Float is eligible to participate in our referral program.

Who can be referred?

We're growing, so we still love to meet candidates that are a good fit with relevant experience even when there are no open positions - especially in Engineering and Customer Success. If we can find them a matching role, you'll qualify for the referral bonus! You can use your social and external networks as potential resources for referred candidates.

What is the referral bonus?

Float provides a $1000 USD bonus for every referral upon completing their 3-month onboarding. If you know someone you think would be a good fit for our growing team, please DM Talent with information.

Additional guidelines for rewards: