A note from Glenn, CEO & Co-founder

We’re seeking to have an outsized impact on workplace productivity - to help every professional team around the world save time when planning their projects. We exist in a competitive category, against extremely well-funded teams, that are far greater in team size. To succeed, we believe in seeking a high density of talent and setting a high standard of excellence in how we work.

We’ve been a fully-remote company for over 10 years. A decentralized working environment, by nature, places greater emphasis on the quality of your output, versus effort or time spent. We reward A+ quality output, not A+ effort and B quality work.

I liken our culture to that of a sporting team, not a family. We’re motivated by our contribution to the team’s success, the opportunity to play with the best, and to be the best in our individual roles. Sporting teams are measured by their results, striving for more wins than losses.

Our Managers are coaches, often player coaches. Their primary role as a Manager is to develop high-performing teams. They help identify your strengths and weaknesses, they seek to improve your performance at Float. They’re not trained career counselors. Great players at Float define their own careers, they’re always learning, developing their skills, staying curious, and seeking out opportunities.

As a fully-remote team, we place an unusually high value and expectation on concise, proactive, and productive async communication. There’s a 100% overlap with high performers and great communication at Float!

We know that for individuals to improve, requires feedback, and we strive to deliver helpful feedback on your performance, regularly. Delivering radically truthful feedback is a muscle that only improves when regularly flexed. Today, it’s a value that is perhaps more aspirational, on average. We’re working on that. Fundamentally, we understand that honest feedback, delivered with good intent, is one of the fastest ways to improve.

Your track record at Float is the best predictor of your potential to improve. Even high performers go through rough patches, a good Manager understands that, and is there to support you through the troughs. Performance rated consistently low or trending down across two quarters signals that things are unlikely to improve in your time at Float. In seeking the best players, Managers must also be willing to say goodbye to people, to make room for more high performers.

We seek growth because it creates opportunity. We want to be a $100M revenue company in 5 years. We want Float to be the best place for great performers to stay. I find the most rewarding moments at Float, are watching team members thrive and grow. We’re on a growth journey, we’re learning as we go, and there will be times when it’s more effective to bring in someone with experience, who has traveled the path before than to invest in developing existing talent.

We seek to reward our high performers by prioritizing great pay, the most immediate form of compensation. If we do our job well, you should be improving your value in market. You should be very employable. We trust that you will be regularly self-selecting Float as the place to do your best work. We expect that you’ll be open to interviewing for other roles if it helps you validate your value in market, and the opportunities available to you.

I want Float to be where you do the best work of your career so far. We don’t always get things right, but we aim to treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve. And we seek to learn and improve together through every experience.

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