<aside> 💡 At Float, our term for a good cultural add is ”hell yes!” If you're not excited about a person, you shouldn't hire them, and trying to fit a square peg into a round hole will lead to difficulties down the road. Finding the round peg for the round hole means setting a person up for success from the get-go.


Defining hell yes! at Float

Hell yes is not about an individual personality trait or specific skill set. We're not looking for homogeneity. In fact, as a global remote company, we're looking for the opposite. When we ask ourselves if a candidate is a hell yes, we're looking holistically at:

  1. Capability (skill set): Can the person perform the role successfully based on skillset and experience?
  2. Capacity (goals): Is this someone who will thrive in their role?
  3. Alignment (values + mindset): How does this person approach work and life individually and as a team member?


Each stage of the hiring process is designed to assess these from various perspectives, so we take a collaborative approach when filling a new position. This hell yes metric applies at every stage. Read more about how we work to continuously improve this process.

Some examples of hell yes candidates include:

The most successful job candidates apply a similar strategy during their interviews—interviewing us at every stage to learn more about our team, goals, and values to help them in their decision-making process.