As holidays vary between regions even within the same country, Float allows you to select up to 10 Regional (Federal, State, or Provincial for e.g) holidays per year. Regional holidays apply to official holidays applicable to your location. They aren't prorated based on capacity; however, the holiday needs to fall on your set work day. We don’t currently allow for team members to take Regional Holidays on alternate dates.

To schedule time away, please add the Regional Holiday date in Float and give your team a heads-up that you will be offline. 🌴

All time off is managed in, which you will have access to in your first week:

🇺🇸  US Team Members booking time off is a 2-step process:

  1. Request PTO in Float & wait for approval then,
  2. Add it into your Rippling profile.

🌏  Contractor Team Members booking time off is a 1-step process:

  1. Schedule the PTO in Float & wait for approval.

Questions about regional holidays hit up Romina

<aside> 🌴 Please remember to set your Slack status to Regional Holiday or “OOO” (out of office) with an appropriate emoji. This communicates that you are on leave but also is a great way to promote a positive time-off culture at Float.


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