You can take 5 days paid Personal Leave per year, unused days do not carry over year to year.

Personal days cover sick days, unforeseen issues (i.e., power outages), care days, and bereavement leave. Importantly, care days can be used for self-care when you need to take unplanned time out for yourself. We know these days are hard to plan for, so please schedule your personal days in Float when you are able to do so and give your team a heads-up. Days are pro-rated if you work less than full-time capacity.

<aside> 🤗 Please remember to set your Slack status to Personal Leave or OOO (Out of Office) with an appropriate emoji. This communicates that you are on leave but also is a great way to promote a positive time-off culture at Float.


Unsure of your allocation or have questions? Hit up Georgie or Sarah.

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