A week offline, paid, every year.

<aside> 📉 During No FOMO week, we are essentially 'closed'. No shipping, no Slack... no Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).


Late December is typically quieter for us in terms of shipping, traffic, and customer needs. We see this as a unique opportunity for everyone to take some time off.

Whilst we have PTO available for use throughout the year, we find that it leads to inevitable 'Slack catch up' when you return and we know there is sometimes the temptation to check Slack during PTO, just to make sure everything is OK.

We still want you to be able to book holidays and use your PTO when you want to, but we have added this extra 'set week off' so we can count on everyone having some dedicated, no excuses time to disconnect from work. We are all for everyone finding time throughout the year to book time off and balance work and life themselves, but we have introduced this all-team closure to take a strong stance on our belief that being able to switch off properly will help our team to live your best work life.

We made the time off during a set period each year for two reasons:

  1. We know it is when our customers need us the least
  2. If we do it as a team we can remove the temptation to log on as no one else will be online

The time off is paid and is in addition to the PTO policy (this does not count towards your paid time off days).

We will have plans in place for critical coverage where it is absolutely necessary so you can log off knowing that everything is OK! No FOMO!

🔎 The fine print

  1. The dates are set each year and No FOMO days cannot be used outside of the No FOMO Week period (unless you are an exception to the rule in terms of critical coverage)