You can expense work-related computer & office equipment up to $1,500 USD over 3 years. The equipment is yours to keep and needs to be solely for your use. The allocation is tied to capacity. This perk is available to you after your 3-month probationary period. We encourage new team members to consider the environmental impact of their home office setup as well as their health and safety and purchase devices that have a neutral or low environmental footprint, preferably from local vendors.

Examples of expenses may include:

  1. A second monitor
  2. A phone to test our mobile apps
  3. A laptop stand, trackpad, or a more comfortable desk chair

<aside> ♻️ When disposing of electronic waste or hazardous materials from your home office, follow proper disposal guidelines to minimize environmental impact. Safe disposal is crucial for a sustainable work environment.


If you would like to spend more on a device, you can submit the expense, and we'll reimburse up to your maximum allocation within that 3-year window.

New team members qualify on their start date and can expense related items after the 8-week probation period. After 3 years, the amount resets, and you can expense up to $1,500 again across the next 3-year period.

<aside> 💡 If you have any questions please DM Sarah before making the purchase.


Here's how you can claim your expense:

  1. Purchase the equipment yourself and forward a copy of the receipt no later than the 3rd of the month to [email protected].
  2. 🇺🇸  US Team, expense reimbursements will be processed on the first pay cycle of the month for payment on the 15th.
  3. 🌍  Global Team, add the amount you qualify for to your next invoice as a separate line item in USD.

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