<aside> 🇺🇸 Float provides tax-free reimbursements towards individual healthcare plans for team members living in the US.


Using Take Command, we contribute a monthly $500 USD stipend towards any qualifying health plan that you choose, that best suits your unique needs. This is quite different from traditional employer insurance programs, which limit employees to 1 or 2 options selected by the employer. We have opted not to make this choice for our team.

Once you receive your invite to Take Command (which will arrive in your Float email inbox), you can access healthcare with a degree of choice and flexibility. You can waive coverage, bring your own health plan, or purchase a new insurance plan in Take Command’s shop — the choice is yours.

To lock in coverage, you must select by the 10th of the previous month. For example, you’ll make your selection by November 10th for coverage from December 1st.

Once you have selected your coverage you will pay for it, and at the end of each month, we will reimburse you your monthly stipend. Your reimbursement will be processed via payroll in your next pay packet (it will be tax-free).

If you are a US employee, you should have received an invite to Take Command. You can view the Employee Resource Centre here, or if you have any further questions, hit up Sarah.

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